How to Apply Nail Tips with Dip Powder?

It is easy to find several different ways on how to apply nail tips with dip powder. You can even purchase nail tip kits online to save you the time and money of driving to a nail salon. Here are a few simple ways to apply your nail tips with dip powder:

Stand-alone manicure

There are easy ways to apply nail tips with dip powder, depending on your desired look and appearance. Either as a stand-alone piece or to accentuate a particular design on your nails; there are dozens of ways to improve your manicure and enhance your self-confidence.

Firstly, a quick soak (half a cup of warm water and half a drop of acrylic or base-based polish) applied with a soft swab creates an excellent light cover; that helps protect your nails from cracking and chipping. Allow the topcoat to dry for about five minutes. Then use your fingertips to scoop out the remaining polish from all the corners of your nails-start from the cuticle. Then, apply a thin layer of clear nail gloss to the entire nail bed and allow it to dry completely. A high-quality nail tip applicator is ideal for this look. Be sure to coat all the sides of your nails with the clear topcoat to keep a thin layer of polish; for more straightforward application.

Faux Nail Tip Meets

If you have two sides with perfectly smooth nails and want to create a unique and visually appealing nail tips with dip powder. Then the best way to do this is to use two colors. Apply one with a high-quality French tip applicator and a darker, complementary color on the other side. A high-quality French tip can cost upwards of $30, but many are sold at beauty supply and department stores. Whereas, another option is to purchase an inexpensive disposable nail brush and buff; off the ends with a white buffing pad. Thus, buff off one side while using the other side to paint on the lighter color.

Gel Manicure

Adding a bit of gel or liquid to your nail tips creates an incredible effect; that leaves many people feeling very glamorous. Also, to create a gooey look, dip your nails in some white, black-tipped gel and cover them over your natural nails for an hour. You can then buff them dry and finish the manicure by applying a high-quality acrylic or base-based polish to the tips. Then covering them with a protective coat. This results in a very soft and comfortable look that does not require too much effort.

Nail Polish

While a full-fledged manicure takes more time and may not be practical for everyday wear, it is an excellent option when you want to add a little bling. This option involves dipping each of your natural nails in a specially designed nail polish remover, then placing a unique paper strip on each nail. The paper strip protects the nails from damage while also helping to create a sleeker and smoother look. This process helps give your hands a whole new look and may even help protect them from daily life wear and tear. It is a perfect solution for all those fashion-forward women who are afraid of wearing their natural nails because they may damage them!

Dip Powder – While the idea of nail tips with dip powder in a polish bottle full of white powder sounds crazy, it isn’t that uncommon. You can purchase a powder-based nail polish and apply it to your fingers for an hour or two. Like the liquid manicure, this method helps to draw out and even out your fingers’ look. If you prefer to keep your hands a little sleeker and polished, this is the way to go!

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