How To Take Dip Nails?

“Nails are not about being noticed, they are about being remembered.” – Tammy Taylor

SNS or dip powder nails are terms used interchangeably, but both terms refer to beautiful, long-lasting nails along with a variety of colors that don’t forfeit the health of nails.

Though the main issue may occur that is very much like gel, removing them by yourself or at home can be an interesting and tricky procedure, which is why the cycle has been getting some flacks.

“Two Problems have been found with dips and the health of nails,” said Lauren Dunne

firstly, the dip powder nails are intended to remain for three or more than three weeks, which causes the color pigmentation or keratin granulation on the and around the nails.

Secondly, dip powder nails tend to lift over a long time, cause to absorb the moisture, and can cause bacterial diseases.

Ron Robinson (cosmetic chemist) says the dip nails contain an extraordinary glue-type stick that solidifies to a colored seal. Additionally, acrylics are a combination of glue and powder that can be formed, hardened, and shaped, once applied to nails where they dry to set.

These are perfect for people who need to lengthen or change the shape of their nails. While dip powder nails are thought of as the strongest and in general will endure longer with strong adhesive.

What Are Dip Powder Nails?

The nails are dipped and colored with powder or take some amount of colored powder on the brush and rub it on the nails to give them fine and gorgeous pigment, then the top is utilized with clean sealant, the outcome is long-lasting pigmented nails which can remain without chip for as long as a month.

Syreeta Aaron (LeChat educator) said that dip powder nails are a cross breed between gel nails and acrylic extenuations.

“SNS nails are durable as like acrylic nails and flexible like gel nails.”

Dr. Dana Stern (The certified dermatologist and nail specialist) further added to this, Dip powder nails are not vague and new, but this procedure is trendy since the 80s and contained a delicate yet viable glue paste with acrylic powder.

How to Dip Powder Nails?

No matter whether you are doing your nails at home or finishing them at the salon, all you need is attention, consideration, and some determination.

Every salon follows its procedures, however, but some mutual common steps that every salon must follow and you need to know if you do dip powdering to nails at home are given here:

  • Before beginning any manicure, be sure the nails are prepared by cleaning and freeing the soil or oil nail plate. This is likewise, where you ought to push your fingernail skin back and clasp any hangnails, and the outer layer of the nail plate is buffed.
  • Once nails have been cleaned and prepared, it is time to apply the bonder so the item sticks together to the nail plate and reduces the risk of lifting off.
  • Brush on the nails similarly as you cleaned them before, but keep in mind you must go one nail at a time, don’t be hurried. Whenever you apply the base coat on one nail dip it in a powdered dipping tray and repeat on each nail, making a point to remove the excess powder with the help of a brush. You may dip your nails two or more times in the dipping powder tray based on the desired opaqueness and pigment intensity.
  • In this step, you should have some patience to let the dip dry and solidify. Now apply the activator before starting to shape and file the nails with the best nail drills.

If you want to dip powder on your nail at a salon, your nail professional actually shouldn’t dip your nail into the powder pot. while this was the practice when the powder dip nail procedure initiates at first, then it has become a hygiene worry for various clients.

So dipping nails in a similar powder pot practice is being stopped at most salons. Every step being equal, your nail tech ought to brush the powder directly onto nails or empty the powder from the pot into a dixie cup for single use, although this practice is inefficient so many salons utilize the direct brush strategy.  

How to Remove Dip Powder Nails?

If you have ever given your nails a good manicure or have ever tried to take off the gel nails at home, you will be familiar with the tools required for this procedure

  • Nail clipper
  • Nail file or nail drill
  • Nail buffer
  • pure acetone
  • cotton
  • Bowl and foils (optional)
  • If you get additional nail length from the dipped nails, take the trimmer and cut the extension length of dip powdered nails to the natural nails. Then take the nail file and utilize its coarse side to take off the shiny or sparkling layer to remove the seal, as Johnson (LA-based nail expert) said that thinner the layer of dipped powder nails will require less time to soak fingers in acetone later.
  • Before you soak your fingertip in acetone (CH3COCH3), here you Note: apply some petroleum jelly on to nails and around the fingertips, will help to keep the skin around the nails from drying out. Then, pour acetone into a bowl and soak your fingertips of both hands in such a way that acetone will cover each nail, you can use two separate bowls for each hand as you feel comfortable. You need to soak the powdered nails for 10 to 20 minutes to slacken the powder. The acetone ought to piece off the powder dip without any problem. On the other hand, if it doesn’t, you splash your nails for extra five to eight minutes. Be aware, that patience is your best companion during the take-off process.
  • In case you want to remove the dip powder nails without utilizing acetone, here is disappointing news after discussing the matter with cuticle professionals. All with one voice answered “Do Not”, though you can use the file to take off the dip powder nails the procedure is time-consuming and full of the risk of damaging the natural nail plate due to overfilling. 
  • Once the dip slackens and starts flaking, take the orangewood stick and delicately scratch off the polish, start from the nail area to the skin ends around the nail. The polish will take off easily without applying much force to the nail base.
  • If small bits are leftover to be cleaned, simply relax, take your cushion and tenderly take off the remaining dip. Buffing is like leveling off your nail and making a smooth completion. In case, the nail is rough and uneven, take the nail file and shape it as per your desire and length. More specifically, if nail plates are weak, filing is the best way to prevent them from splitting.
  • last, but not least, your skin and nails will dry out from the aceton splashing and filing, so it’s time to recover all the moisture you have just lost. Hand washing and using sanitizing are not enough, so go heavy with hand creams and hand oils that recover your lost moisture.

Dip Powder Nail Benefits

If you are a person who esteems the time and loves a durable nail look, SNS nails will be a perfect fit for you. one of the benefits of dip powder nails is they are more solid, last longer than gel nails, and should be effortless be possible at home. Other benefits of dip powder nails are discussed here under

  • According to Syreeta Aaron when you finished your dip powdering with the final coating and activator, you don’t need to fix them with UV lights, like with gel nails.
  • In the market, there are a variety of gel nail kits accessible for use at home, and manicurists agree if you are going to paint your nails with polish, then it is better to powder dip your nails at home.
  • Dip nails keep going for a while if they are done properly by nail specialists. You ought to anticipate that your nails should remain without a chip for as long as a month. If you are going to DIY your dip nail, you anticipate your dip style should keep going for around half a month.
  • Companies mixed to give up a variety of pigment choices with the boom of dip powder nails, similarly to that of traditional nail polishes. I hope, you shouldn’t experience difficulty finding powder shades to replace your enamels.

Is Dip Powdering Safe for Nails?

In general, Yes. As everything has pros and cons likewise every nail treatment has advantages and some disadvantages. Adding to this, Aaron emphasized that one thing she emphatically prescribes while considering dip powder nails is to assess the health of your nails at first.

On the spot, when DIY nails you never need to dip into a new pot if you are experiencing any kind of nail fungus going on. In addition, she expresses that not to share your dip powder with anyone else, not even with your family members unless you are emptying it into their different container. This will prevent the probability of any infection emerging as a result.


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