How to Use Different Types of Nail Art Pens?


Nail lovers always want their fingertips to look extra shine and wonderful. But to fulfill the desire of colorful unique nails, one need to invest in perfect nail art pens. Through different types of nail art pens, you can create any texture on your nails and save a trip to salon.

Create Hot Designs with Nail Art Pens

Hot design nail art pens are a great new way of getting a precise, professional-looking nail design. It is the perfect 2 in one nail and pencil combination tool! You can create beautiful hand-painted designs with your own choice of color and design by using various other different types of nail art pens. If you can make little dots and patterns, you can create Hot Designs!

It is the perfect 2 in one design tool! You can make pretty much anything from stickers, decals, signs, letters, and much more. Use the hot design tools and start making your great ideas! Get start by choosing your necessary beauty foundation like; foundation, base coat, streak shield, glitter pad, topcoat, and clear coat. Mix and match your hot designs, nail art pens, and stamps to get that fantastic glitter design.

How to Use Nail Art Pens?

If you are new to nail art or nail designing, you might be wondering how to use Nail art pens. It can sometimes be a little tricky when starting. You do not want to go too fast. Otherwise, you could end up smearing your beautiful nails and even ruin them. Please keep it simple at the beginning while building up your skills and confidence. Here are some step by step guides to show you how to use nail art pens properly.

The first step is to prepare your hands. Take a cotton bud and dampen it with water. Use this dry cotton bud to create a ball of paste on your nails. Pressing this gently onto the nail will help to form the base for your artwork. Do not worry about getting it perfect on each nail because you will build up from there as you keep using it.

After that, You will apply the color that you have chosen. You can either use one of the many different brands of paint from a tube. When applying the color, you need to make sure that it goes all the way through the nail. It should not be blended in any area. Continue to paint your nails until they turn into a perfect match.

The last step is to soak the area in warm water to remove any excess color. You may then apply polish to finish your masterpiece. You can use any polish for this project, such as acrylic, glass, gold, or silver. Additionally, if you are having trouble deciding which one to use, Nail Art Professional Color is recommended, designed to work well with this type of polish.

Nail Art with Dot Pens

Nail art with Dot Pens are easy to create. They are the inexpensive pen that instantly creates all nail art types and elaborate designs on your nails. You can get the pen at any major retail store such as Macy’s, Walmart, Target, or Pier 1 Imports. It is very reasonably priced, and you can create some stunning and creative designs.

When you apply your nails, you should apply a skinny layer of polish. This will help ensure that the pattern looks as smooth and even as possible. If your pattern has many curves and sharp edges, you should apply a thicker layer of polish. After your nails are painted, you can now use your nail art pen’s precision tip to the line and edge your design. You should only be able to make slight adjustments to your designs with a precision tip. 

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